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Colombia Jairo Lopez Java - Filter Coffee

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Profile: Creamy Tropical Fruit Punch
Size: 200 gram
Area: Quindio - Pijao
Farm: La Esperanza
Varietal: Java
Processing: Natural

Farm details

14h farm at 1670 MSL

 Shaded by Oak, Lucaena, Fruit and Citrus Trees

The La Esperanza farm is located in the Quindío Mountain range, has a unique environmental offer with a total of 14 hectares of coffee cultivation and 5 hectares in forests and protection areas. This farm has a 3x3 planting distance which allows the coffee tree to express itself and have enough space to develop and grow in optimal conditions. Through pruning they form the tree in such a way that they have a harvest throughout the year, the coffee plantations are in association with crops (citrus, banana, plantain and flowers). The farm has trees from 15 months to 80 months, which guarantees access to all the stages of the coffee bean at all times and through a good collection carried out by workers in the area to ensure the quality of our product, they offer more than 20 jobs per farm and they have 4 different farms located in the mountain range between (Córdoba- Buenavista and Pijao) In their farms, the methodology of planting and caring for the environment is essential since they are aware of the change that they must make in their crops, with the non-use of chemicals, shade, pruning their trees should not be cut down for 20-25 years maintaining its production during all this time, thus keeping their legacy alive for many years.

Producer info

Don Jairo Ivan López Agudelo, a civil engineer by profession, dedicate himself to his passion, the love of coffee. His father migrated to the Quindio mountain range where he acquired land, leaving his 14 children with farms in the Quindío municipalities. For more than 40 years the family lived from coffee and it was 10 years ago where Don Jairo with his brothers Edilberto, Jorge and Cesar who make up the Society López Agudelo y Cia. Limitada made the decision to change their traditional cultivation farms for specialty crops with exotic varieties, such as Geisha, Java, Mocca, Bourbon and Castillo.


  • Step 1. The cherries are picked and are immediately put into sealed plastic bags to start fermenting until the next morning.
  • Step 2. The bags are opened and with a machine specially designed by jairo, the less dense or broca infected cherries are mechanically removed.
  • Step 3. A team of women hand select and separate the remaining cherries into 3 categories: pinton (still a bit green/yellow), ripe &  over ripe.  The pinton cherries will undergo a longer fermentation process before being pulped and used for washed and honey processes.
  • Step 4. For the geisha and java natural cm only the perfectly ripe cherries are used and transferred into 120 kg sealed plastic tanks to start the anaerobic process, 30cm headspace is left between the top of the cherries and the lid, and a valvula with water is placed placed on the lid to allow oxygen to be released whilst trapping the co2 and start a natural carbonic maceration.
  • Step 5. During day 1 & 2, the coffee must (juice or extract produced during the fermentation) is taken out every 12 hours, refrigerated for 4 hours and then put back in the tank monitoring that the ph never falls below 3.9 and that the mass temperature never exceeds 24°c. A cool and controlled fermentation is key to maintain floral notes in the cup.
  • Step 6. During day 3 & 4 , the coffee must that is now too acid is simply removed as it gets produced.
  • Step 7. The coffee is placed in raised african beds built by jairo for 20-25 dias. These raise beds are all in a greenhouse where temperature and airflow are constantly being monitored. Part of the secret is that all the varieties are dried under the same roof so jairo believes that this helps transfer volatile attributes of certain varieties to others, adding complexity to the cup.
  • Step 8. Once the coffee has reached 14% moisture content, it is removed, put in sealed plastic bags and left to stabilise for 3 days.
  • Step 9. The coffee is placed in direct sunlight to finish the drying process and reach 10.5-11.5% moisture content.

Variety ‘Java’



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