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Rum Baba Coffeeroasters

Colombia Jhoan Vergara - Competition Style Filter Coffee - Wholesale

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Profile: Grape Gummies
Size: 200 gram
Area: Huila, Acevedo
Farm: Las Flores
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Processing: Multistage Anaerobic - Semi-washed


Farm detail

Shade grown by Tephrosia trees. Las Flores works in partnership with their friends from Finca El Diviso (Lot Nestor).


Producer info

This Lot carries the name of Jhoan, one of the three pillars behind the farm. Brothers Carlos and DIego are in charge of processing, management of fermentation times, types of processing and care for drying. Jhoan is in charge of analyzing the experiments, defining which process is according to the variety and reviewing the quality.


Processing ‘’Thermal’’

Cherry Harvesting (mature)
Anarobic fermentation in plastic bags for 60h at 20C.
3-4 hours aerobic, the 60h anaerobic again.
Washing once with minimal water.
Drying for around two weeks.


Variety ‘Red Bourbon’

Red Bourbon is the most common and pioneer of the bourbon Arabica varieties. It takes its name from the color of the fruit/cherries. Bourbon is one of the most important Arabica varieties in terms of its genes and how its spread out across the world. It is known for excellent quality in the cup growing at the highest altitudes