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Colombia Nestor Lasso - Competition Style Filter Coffee - Wholesale

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Profile: Lemon Grass, Blossom Bouquet
Area: Huila, Pitalito
Farm: El Diviso
Varietal: Sidra
Processing: Washed


Origine details

Farm name
Finca El Diviso

Colombia, Huila, Pitalito at 1750m

Farm detail
14,5 hectares. The farm is run by Nestor Lasso and his brother Adrian and teamed up with Jhoan Vergara from Finca Las Flores. The farm is shade grown by native trees and fruit trees

Producer info
El Diviso works in partnership with Las Flores (Jhoan). The Partnership has been a strong binding force to bring exciting coffees to the market of specialty coffee.


Processing ‘’Thermal’’

Cherry Harvesting.
Filtering of impurities by floating.
Manual selection of ripe cherries.
Anaerobic fermentation in plastic bags for 36 hours Temp 15-18C.
Pulping and oxidation for 12h.
Submerged anaerobic fermentation in tank for 48-60 hours.
Wash with hot water (thermal shock).
Drying within 2 weeks.


Variety ´Sidra´

Sidra is one of the lesser grown Arabica varieties, but received a lot of attention by remarkable cup qualitie scores from cherries grown and harvested at high altitudes (above 1700MSL). It is believed that the Sidra variety originated in Ecuador, but yet not fully defined how it is originated. Initially reported as a crossbreed of Typica with Bourbon, more recent testing found genetical similarities to Ethiopian heirloom varieties; wild or genetically unidentified varieties native to Ethiopia. Generally speaking Sidra 's flavor profile can be characterized by floral and fruity notes with high levels of sweetness