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Costa Rica Molina - Filter Coffee - Wholesale

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Profile: Cinnamon, Apple Pie, Almonds
Area: Luis Campos Mill
Farm: Miguel Molina
Varietal: Red Catuai
Processing: Thermic Fermentation (anaerobic)

Farm name
Farmer Miguel Molina & Cordillera de Fuego Mill.

Costa Rica, San Ramon, San Jose at 1780m.

Farm detail
Miguel Molina developed his farm over the years to a size of 2,5h with the Red Catuai variety. He is selling his selective crop and processing to Louis Campos of the Cordillera de Fuego wet Mill. His partner in processing the cherries.

Producer info
Miguel is very careful in the application of fertilizers, applying the exact amount required accordingly to the soil analysis. He trains his twelve coffee pickers to pick only the most ripe cherries. 

Miguel is planning to invest in new varieties to increase future quality and develop his farm further. ´With higher qualities sales value will increase which directly affects his family's quality of life´.

Cordillera de Fuego wet Mill has implemented many small projects to reduce the water usage and increase efficiency, but one of the biggest projects they have done is the installation of solar panels, with these panels the main office is able to run off 100% solar energy plus the solar panel also supply more than 50% of the energy for the dry mill.

Processing ‘Thermic

Manual Harvesting of cheries.
Cerries are 'floated' before processing to remove any defective fruits.
The fruits are fermented in a stainless steel tank for 24 hours, folowed by 18 hours of drying in a 'solar dry'
The temperature is controlled by PH measurements.
The tanks are airtight and he bsence of oxygen simulates a thermic fermentaton process. The process develops in a unique series of acids such as lactc and malic, which translate to a complexity in flavor.
Once ready, the coffee is 100% sundried.

Variety ‘Red Catuai’

Red Catuai is a dwarf hybrid (relatively small) of Mundio Novo and Caturra. It is a crossbred developed in Brazil halfway the 20th Century. It is a strong plant with well known qualities. The Red Catuai show resemblance with his sister variety Yellow Catuai