Rum Baba Coffee Candy Box!

Rum Baba Coffee Candy Box!

This week we will be launching the Rum Baba candy box!

... for that coffee enthusiast that wilds out on crazy flavors and experimental ferments, here’s rum baba’s coffee candy box. 3 different coffees, same hyper processing, all lekker!

This Box brings together three different coffees with a similar approach in processing and roasting, which includes two coffees from the Noreño farm using one method of processing for two different varieties which translates to unique ‘candy-like’ flavor compositions in your brew. 

Lot 1 Red Caturra  

Lot 2 Yellow Caturra

Lot 3 Mystery coffee

the processing ‘’Carbonic maceration’’
[Lot 1 and 2 went through the same way of processing which includes two fermentations]

The cherries are harvested above 23 degrees Brix before getting soaked in water for 4 hours. The initial fermentation begins with a carbonic maceration for 72 hours with mossto (the juice made by compressing coffee cherries). Following that comes another 72 hours of carbonic maceration fermentation for 72 hours with mossto. The coffee is then sun-dried on African beds for 25 days until the humidity reaches 10.5%. Finally, the coffee undergoes humidity stabilization for 8 days inside a warehouse, and is then stored in grain pro bags. 

Noreña Lot 1 & 2  
[Origine Colombia]

Finca Campo Hermoso
[Circasia, Quindio, Colombia]

the farm 25 accres of farm at 1750-1900m altitude. The finca has their own processing infrastructure. The finca follows water saving strategies, natural fertilizers for the plants and from 2023 all energy for the processing plant will come from solar panels.

the producer Edwin Noreña is a 4th generation farmer and passionate about innovation. Half of his career in coffee he dedicated to studying and experimenting with specialty coffee. Besides his own harvest he also collects and processes coffee from other smallholder farmers from around the area

Lot 3
(more info soon)

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