Yenny Esperanza filter

Yenny Esperanza filter

Yenny, the lesser known name behind Finca El Paraiso, the successful farm she runs together with her brother Diego (Bermudez). While Diego was doing his studies on agricultural management, Yenny was involved in the farms experimenting and researching processes. 

Yenny and Diego created innovative technologies in consistency of the processing on their farm. Something Finca El Paraiso is world famous for. El Paraiso is growing cultivars like Bourbon, Laurina, Gesha and more. With this particular Lot, Yenny managed to change the inferior reputation of the Castillo variety.

This lot contains 100% Castillo and has undergone an anaerobic fermentation of 48 hours in tanks followed by an aerobic mucilage of 48 hours and drying of 34 hours with controlled temperature. (Temperature control during all steps is key)

We chose a lighter roast, ideal for filter/immersion brewing. (But by all means go ahead and try an espresso brew with the right tools and experience). In our roasting process we aim to develop the aromatics as much as possible, push sweetness and a pleasant mouthfeel. 

The Castillo variety
Originated from a hybrid (Robusta genes), this coffee plant is often seen as less
interesting as a specialty coffee variety. High yield for the farmer and strong resistance against diseases are the well known assets. But cup quality? not so actually. However with climate change already impacting, coffee farmers think more out of the box, experimenting with less common varieties for specialty production vs new and different ways of processing. Farmers are creating and searching for ways to increase cup quality hand in hand with sustainable production in terms of disease resistance. The coffee we acquired from Yenny is an example of the outcome for the search in creating an extraordinary cup profile with a Hybrid variety with strong potential for the future with the difficulties which are facing us in the coffee world.

Colombia Yenny Esperanza 
- sweet, full strawberry jam and tonka bean

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