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Colombia Jhoan Vergara Tabi - Filter Coffee

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Taste note: Grapes, Starfruit, Jasmin, Lavender
Area: Colombia, Huila - Acevedo
Farm: Las Flores
Varietal: Tabi
Processing: Anaerobic
Altitude: 1750MSL
Area: 16½ Hectares
Shade: Tephrosia

Farm Las Flores began in 1990, it was founded by Edilberto Vergara and Nubia Ayure. The farm has an extension of 16 hectares (160,000) m2, only 2 hectares were cultivated in coffee and it is where the family begain cultivating the free land. In 2006 Nubia Ayure competed in the cup of excellence and was ranked 16th. This was the beginning of the family's venture into specialty coffee. This legacy was passed on to the children of the family.

Already immersed in the subject of quality. Carlos, Jhoan and Diego decide to take the next step. It consisted of starting to develop replicable profiles and thus be able to highlight the potential of each variety, each one having its fundamental work on the farm. Carlos and Diego are in charge of processing and giving proper management to fermentation times, types of processes and care in drying, Jhoan is in charge of analyzing the experiments, defining which process is according to the variety and judging the quality. He is also in charge of the commercial part to publicize the work that is done together.

Finca las Flores's mission is to contribute positively to the environment with excellent agricultural practices. Making this company a gateway to share knowledge with generational changes in order to join forces and have a profitable and sustainable coffee industry.

Position ourselves as a company with projection into the future, conquering customers and new markets, having facilities with state-of-the-art equipment where the customer can learn about and understand the coffee process up close and be able to effectively explain this wonderful world called coffee.

Processing: Double Anaerobic

  1. Hand picking coffee with a ratio of 90% Ripe / 10% Underripe cherries
  2. Cherries are placed in sealed bags for 60 hours at 20°C - First Anaerobic Process
  3. Cherries are pulped and left to oxidate for 3-4 hours
  4. Beans are placed in sealed bags with a mix of coffee must (extract of juice harvested during oxidisation) and tartaric acid for 48 hours - Second Anaerobic Process
  5. Beans are washed, removing remaining mucilage
  6. Beans are dried for 12-15 days with active turning every 2 hours on a Casa Elba - A rooftop sun drying spot with a retractable cover.

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